Women's Fragrances by ROCHAS

A pioneering fragrance in the eau fraîche family, a sensual cascade

Eau de Rochas made several appearances in the Maison. Marcel Rochas, a visionary, asked Edmond Routniska to modernise the classic Eau de Cologne as early as 1948. Eau de Roche was born. In 1970, Hélène Rochas followed in the footsteps of her husband with talent and elegance acclaimed many times over. Under her leadership, Eau de Roche was reinvented and renamed Eau de Rochas, in the finest homage possible. Carved in rock, the Eau de Rochas bottle has eroded beneath the cascading waterfalls surging within. 45 years later, Eau de Rochas is still contemporary. It was inspired by beach pyjamas, enchanting evenings on the Riviera, pretty and vivacious women; in short, an era of joy and freedom. This incredible sensation has never gone out of fashion.