A Romance, which began to be written one day, outside the customary context. A Eulogy so special, since its creation in 1970, that it has become the signature of a brand. The lines of the story are woven around Zoé, the brand’s Muse. We speak of Inner beauty, of search for Noble raw materials.

And, like all the most beautiful adventures, it starts with Instinct. The magic of combinations, the strength of complementarity and Skilled know-how leave their mark through the Charisma of Nino Amaddeo, the creator. Emotion blossoms, the blue star traces a Natural lifeline along the path of an endless narrative journey, Colored in turquoise blue. Totally free and guided by a love of all things beautiful, it Engraves its signature.


Reminiscence est une histoire d’amour, l’histoire d’une rencontre et celle d’un voyage qui continue encore aujourd’hui.
Depuis 40 ans, Reminiscence imagine et crée des Bijoux et des Parfums inspirés des plus beaux endroits du monde, de l’Art du passé et du présent, de la musique.

Un style né de l’expertise de ses artisans, du choix de matériaux de qualité, des combinaisons et mix inattendus, imprévisibles et chargés de Force.