My Couturier, it's my perfume !

Jean Couturier worked with Yves Saint Laurent in the 60's and he is one of the founders of YSL Parfums. He is at the origin of the Y and Rive Gauche's launches and created Azzaro.
Meanwhile, his wife, Jacqueline "Jacky" Couturier, became a talented perfumer in Grasse, and they found together its own Perfume House in 1972.
Daughter and grand-daughter of perfumers, Jacqueline Couturier grew up in Grasse, the perfumery's cradle.
She creates news scents for major brands, b y remaining anonymous.
Fascinated by the perfumes, It shows itself one of the rare woman "nose", and she wants to compose an original and innovative fragrance.
She liven up the values by innovating, and compose CORIANDRE in 1973.

She perfectly suimmarizes what CORIANDRE is for her : "In CORIANDRE, I wanted to find the olfactive emotions of ly youth : the subtle and delicate perfume of my mother, and the captivating scentes of the campaign in Grasse".