It all began in Paris on March 15, 1954, when Jacques Courtin-Clarins opened his first Clarins Institute with the pioneering belief that well-being and happiness were inextricably linked to beauty—a daring holistic vision that he was the first to express and apply. At the same time, celebrities were beginning to unveil their bodies on the covers of magazines. The era of physical and mental freedom was dawning—a revolution in which Jacques Courtin-Clarins played an important role by telling women, "Yes, you are beautiful!”.

Clarins is more than a brand, it is the success story of an exceptional family.
At Clarins, we do not simply design unique skin care products from generation to generation. We hand down our passion for beauty and devote our lives to it.


Avec des plantes, Clarins fait pousser la beauté.

Avec des plantes, on gomme le temps des saisons sur un visage, on affine une silhouette, on révèle la beauté naturelle de chaque femme.

Mais pour cela il faut la science, la curiosité et l’opiniâtreté des chercheurs Clarins.

Il faut extraire du cœur de chaque plante son secret de beauté, son actif le plus rare et le plus efficace.

Avec des plantes on embellit le monde, on fait des merveilles.

C’est prouvé. Clarins rend la vie plus belle.