Fashion's "enfant terrible"

From the uniform of the masses to the dreamlike fashions showcased in his runway shows, Jean Paul Gaultier remains convinced that fashion will always have a special place in our lives: “It’s about a need for visual recognition, staking a claim.”

But the couturier refuses to be defined as either political or provocative. A man of conviction, he sees himself more as a revolutionary, systematically calling into question clichés, standards, codes, conventions and traditions. He turns, shifts and flips them around - even destroys them - in his bid to reinvent them.

La Marque

Jean Paul Gaultier conçoit ses parfums comme des secondes peaux.

Ils sont les reflets de sa personnalité. Généreux, sensuels, et charnels, ils laissent derrière eux un sillage inoubliable…

KoKorico, "Le Male", "Classique", Ma Dame, Gaultier², Fragile, Fleur du Male : des parfums de caractère et de séduction.