Annayake, a mark on the border of East and West

Annayake is a brand now recognized worldwide and famous for its high quality products. Likewise, it has become the emblem of customers who love traditional Japanese culture. Indeed, it is in the heart of this remote region that Anayayake draws most of its raw materials before transforming them to the benefit of a demanding clientele.

The creation of the Annayake brand

The history of the Annayake brand began in 1928. It was born thanks to Mr. Suzuki, an avant-garde and daring man, madly in love with his wife. Thus, he made him a unique care and specially studied to highlight its natural beauty. Quickly, this one was no longer intended solely for confidential use. His exceptional quality made him speak, and the Annayake concept gradually developed. Nevertheless, although the sign has grown considerably today, its philosophy has remained the same. Annayake has been able to preserve the Japanese tradition and integrate it into each of its care to the delight of lovers of exoticism and quality.

Annayake House today

Now, Annayake is a major figure in current cosmetology. It is renowned for its use of natural raw materials and for its permanent innovation. In addition, Annayake tries to offer a wide range of treatments adaptable to each type of epidermis. Indeed, as each person is different, Annayake tries to answer a multitude of dermatological problems. In parallel, it was in 2000 that Annayake also decided to go into perfumery. Of course, the fragrances of the brand are also closely related to the historical philosophy of the house. Its entire range is only a mixture of elegance, subtlety and Asian reveries.

Les Soins


80 ans de recherche avancée, 2000 ans de tradition respectée. Les soins ANNAYAKE sont élaborés selon des techniques d’avant-garde dans nos laboratoires de recherche japonais. Actifs précieux, formules innovantes, textures délicates, présentation sophistiquée…

Chaque nouveau soin ANNAYAKE est un événement cosmétique, fruit du meilleur de la science et du parfait respect d’une tradition millénaire.

Parce qu’aucune peau ne ressemble à une autre, les chercheurs ANNAYAKE ont réuni la somme de leurs connaissances dermatologiques dans un mini ordinateur de diagnostic, le SKINNER, qui détermine exactement la teneur en eau et en sébum de la peau. Il permet de prescrire avec une rare précision des soins spécifiques, très personnels, donc plus efficaces.