The Epicurean picture of Diesel perfumes

The Diesel universe revolves around two products: jeans and perfumes. The Italian brand founded by Renzo Rosso is now run by a master hand by Nicola Formichetti. It is both cheeky, elegant and offbeat ... An explosive cocktail but no less irresistible!

The great perfume Diesel

Diesel is a brand that was born in 1955 in Padua, in northeast Italy. Initially, it was just designing clothes. In this case, the brand made a lot of attention thanks to his faded jeans. Indeed, it soon became a veritable fashion phenomenon. Then it was in 2007, Diesel decided to extend its business to create fragrances. Diesel then reuses the classic codes of perfumery while modernizing. The brand imagine the original juice, colorful and unconventional. The idea was to create fragrances with a real personality. Thus, a person wearing a Diesel perfume saw reach a full community's positive image, Epicurean, and unconventional.  Perfume with Diesel means more than wearing a perfume. It is anchored in a real way of life mixing refinement, provocation and humor. Among the major successes of the house including perfume Fuel For Life. This is a sexy and stimulating potion notes both retro and modern. Similarly, the range Only The Brave immerses us in a very masculine world, combining the strength, courage and determination. Finally, Loverdose perfumes appear to be real weapons of seduction creating a strong addiction.

The unconventionality Diesel fragrances for women

Above all, Diesel is mainly the story of a man, that of Renzo Rosso, born in 1955 in Padua, in northeast Italy. This one drew his own clothes before founding his company in 1978. Then, it was in 2007 that Diesel went to the perfume industry. However, it was not until 2011 that this jewel of creative originality makes arise his first fragrance for women named Loverdose.

Loverdose first fragrance for women by Diesel

Loverdose is a fragrance for woman who wants to be very aggressive. It is a kind of elixir provided magical powers. It plunges us into a world tempting and dangerous. This fragrance for women is a real adventure did not hesitate to defy all prohibited. It is borrowing more soul enabling the development and sharing. It is the juice of a passionate love or even somewhat unreasonable. Loverdose is a fragrance for women sometimes regarded as a soft drug addict making anyone would cross her sexy and sensual wake. This mesmerizing gasoline was then designed by the duo of perfumers Honorine Blanc and Olivier Cresp. This is a floral fragrance, oriental gourmand and content in a box as captivating as audacious. The bottle is a deconstructed glass heart displaying a surprising modernity. This is so tinged with impalpable color, a sort of fusion between a romantic pink and greedy and intense black. Also, the success of this first fragrance for women by Diesel was as already been revisited twice. Loverdose Tattoo then was born in 2013 and was followed by Loverdose Red Kiss in 2015.

Ashley Smith, muse perfumes for Diesel woman

Diesel has used a muse as glamorous as rock 'n' roll: the seductive Ashley Smith. The latter has it all. Besides being pretty and good at his job, it is particularly friendly and very accessible. For the advertising campaign of the first fragrance for women by Diesel, the latter is then displayed more sensual than ever. The advertising campaign for this juice become legendary today was then perceived as a surplus of sex appeal a minute. The pretty blonde is broadcasting its fragrance and it was all supported by an air of "Love to love you baby" of Donna Summer.

Perfumes for Women Diesel are considered true cries of love. They are halfway between elegance, unconventionality and exuberance. This contrast depicts the various facets of the personality of a woman. In sum, Diesel fragrances are very captivating, chic but especially shock!

The Diesel daring in its men's fragrances

Diesel is a famous brand for jeans and accessories. However, since 2007, this great luxury brand also appears to be a staple of perfumery. Also, her perfumes for men are like him: particularly trendy and very staggered. They are so retro, cheeky, controversial or committed, the Diesel fragrances for men only spend in any case never unnoticed.

The unique style of men's perfumes Diesel

Diesel is a particularly dynamic brand. Also, it shows in each of his perfumes. Indeed, Diesel accuses the world of being too sanitized and often feeds frustration. Men's fragrances lead us then to live life fully and to be attentive to our desires. They are like antidotes to fight against the gloom. Moreover, the philosophy of the house is none other than "For Successful Linving! ". The message is strong, optimistic, effervescent and full of life. Also, it's just what it comes in fragrances for men Diesel. These are for those who like to live dangerously and are looking for exhilarating experiences. Similarly, the entire collection of Only The Brave fragrance for men is synonymous with assurance and conviction. The Diesel man thinks first of all to his personal achievement. His whole life is punctuated by his impulses and desires. This boldness is then declined all sauces, you are fans of tattoos with Only The Brave Tattoo or more forward authenticity with the latest Only The Brave Wild.

Liam Hemsworth, the new face of Diesel perfumes

Also, since the summer of 2015, Liam Hemsworth is the new face of Diesel fragrances. The ex-boyfriend of Miley Cirus then seems to be a perfect candidate for the provocation and Diesel style. This 25 year-old actor plays absolutely every home values. It is beautiful, strong and epicurean. Whoever is especially made known through the Hunger Games series will appear on black and white photographs. It seems sexy to perfection, lightly bearded and sat on the steps of a metal staircase. His dark gaze setting the goal is simply to fall. Dressed in a leather jacket and jeans, it is halfway between a smart casual look. The Diesel brand it then described as "a brave person, characterized by its strength, determination and even more by his ability to live his life according to his own desires! "In other words, it is a kind of modern rocker.

Diesel fragrances embody today a trendy image. They stand for courage and freedom. They invite to live as seems good and we seem so far from the dictates of fashion. Yet by adopting this strategy, they seem more than ever anchor in the current trend and each perfume emanating from this building house turns into a success.

At a time when we tend towards global standardization, the audacity of Diesel fragrances for men seems to be a very foolish to creative souls. Nevertheless, deep audacity to teach absolutely no way detracts from its refinement still very present and worthy of the greatest luxury homes.