When speaking of the Diesel brand, we instantly think of an epicurean picture, dynamic and highly unconventional. Indeed, this great fashion house but also perfume succeeds better than any other to combine provocation, humor and sophistication.

Diesel, a brand born from the love of a man for clothes

Diesel is primarily the story of a man, Renzo Rosso, born in 1955 in Padua, in northeast Italy. His love for sewing appeared to him very early. Indeed, from his 15 years, he joined a fashion school. It is at this age that created his first pair of jeans with the washing machine of his mother. Faced with this rigid material, he had the idea to rub against the stone walls of the courtyard of the family farm. He gave birth to the trend of worn jeans! Then in 1978 he created his own Italian jeans brand in collaboration with Adriano Goldschmied. However, Renzo Rosso finally took the exclusive direction of the brand in 1985. He soon conceptualize his rebellious brand image by creating a logo forming a head of the Mohicans and its iconic slogan "Only The Brave" . That's when the idea of ​​youth resurfaced to become the true Diesel's trademark. His pre-worn jeans, washed with pumice, frayed by sandblasting and ripped razor appeared in the high-end universe. Also, a tongue stuck on the right pocket of the jeans became the hallmark of the brand since 1992. Given this success, Diesel is quick to compliment his clothes multiple accessories, underwear, jewelery and especially perfumes .

Unconventional perfume from Diesel

It was in 2007 that Diesel decided to go in perfumery. The brand is particularly known for its fragrances multifaceted, both colorful, unconventional and well argued temperament. Fuel For Life appears as a sexy and exciting magic potion. This is a fragrance combining wonderfully retro spirit with a deep modernity, an image that the brand Diesel likes to grow. The collection of feminine essences Loverdose, meanwhile, is considered a real weapon of seduction. It perfectly blends sensuality and passion, giving viewers a unique look and captivating. Fuel for Life Spirit, meanwhile, is a perfume launched by the brand in 2013 which expresses a deep desire for freedom. The brand was ideally designed for men who want to live their lives fully. Finally, Only The Brave Diesel embodies masculinity in all its splendor, blending the strength, courage and determination.Today, Diesel is a brand sold in over 80 countries in 5,000 outlets, including 300 exclusive boutiques. It is clear that his provocative and unconventional elegance are anchored perfectly in tune with the times. Diesel is a contemporary brand that keeps surprising to attract a bigger crowd.