Sisleÿum de Sisley


Designed to help men's skin resist everyday damage (shaving, cold, stress, pollution, etc.), this moisturizing, revitalizing skin care works on all fronts: anti-fatigue, anti-razor burn, anti-ageing.




Global Perfect Pore Minimizer Sisley
Global Perfect Pore Minimizer

Global Perfect Pore Minimizer is a powerful beautifying concentrate that refines and smoothes.

Its global action corrects, prevents, and treats. At any age, it instantly tightens pores (Ratanhia extract) and prevents them from enlarging (Java Tea extract) while correcting irregularities in the skin's texture (Lentil extract). An astringent concentrate that also hydrates, Global Perfect is gently absorbed by the skin to create a very natural smoothing and mattifying effect. Day after day, it ensures a flawless skin texture.




Crème Réparatrice de Sisley
Restorative Facial Cream


Restorative Facial Cream is the ideal compensating cream for fighting against the harmful effects of environmental stress. Enriched with Shea butter (known for its soothing and nourishing properties), this cream: 
- repairs damaged skin, 
- soothes skin irritations (chafing, sunburn...), 
- hydrates and leaves the skin supple.

With its creamy texture, the Restorative Facial Cream provides relief and is safe for the whole family (with the exception of children under 3 years of age).