Le coutrier Elie Saab

A Precocious Vocation

Born in 1964, in Lebanon, Elie Saab is a self-taught fashion talent. His interest in dressmaking srarted at the young age of 9, already making clothes for his sisters. The talented adolescent sold his creations to the women in his neighborhood.

Elie Saab l'artisan du sublime

Elie Saab, the artist's revelation

In 1982, at just the age of 18, he opened his couture atelier in Beirut managing over a dozen employees, being already a master in the arts of dressmaking and its know-how. In the following months, he presented his first collection to a public of women, instantly won over by the talent of the autodidact artist. His reputation rapidly transcended Beirut's borders, attracting women form high society who desired an Elie Saab Dress.

Elie Saab, from Beirut to Paris

Invited by the chambre syndicale de la Haute Couture Show in Paris in 2000, he presented four collections a year (haute couture and ready to wear) and six years later became a corresponding member. In 2007, he set a flagship boutique in the heart of le Triangle d'Or.

Elie Saab