La Marque Azzaro

Azzaro, A Man, A Brand

Born to Sicilian parents, Loris Azzaro spent his childhood in Tunisia. Based in Paris, he founded at age 29, his first embroidered beaded accessories.

In 1968, he created an openwork dress circles that make its success and will be quickly followed by his first collection.

Loris sublime women. His muses are Bardot, Adjani or Loren. From 1975, full perfumery activity of sewing and Azzaro became a leading perfume sellers worldwide.

In the early 90s, the brand develops a new activity: Ready-to-wear.

In 2004, the death of the designer, the Argentinean designer Vanessa Seward became the artistic director of Azzaro.

It mixes past successes to new creations and boost the brand. Azzaro dress the most beautiful women in the world again.

Azzaro is the quintessential sun-infused brand of the Mediterranean. 

Fluid fabrics, vibrant and frank colors, Mediterranean blue, green, white are the timeless characteristics of Azzaro couture. From 1968 on, Loris Azzaro created flowing, sexy and glamorous customized gowns for evening parties and hobnobbing among the “happy few” of the planet, from the yacht bridge to the poolside of the jet-set. 
A sunny and truly hedonistic brand emanating the ultimate sensuality. Seduction and glamor are an inherent part of the Azzaro image, resulting from a relationship to the body founded on freedom - the freedom of mind and body that marked the 1970's, a transgressive decade with no restrictions, where avant-garde fashion and photography celebrated bareness.

Beyond fashion, Azzaro has, from its inception and continually to this day, incarnated a chic and jet-setting life style, synonymous with present-day luxury. This art of living gave birth to the powerful Azzaro brand expressed through a universal and assertive male dimension in fragrances and men's ready-to-wear fashions, on the one hand, and through resplendent women's fashions and eagerly expected scents, on the other.

Azzaro, a brand of fashion and perfumery

The history of the Azzaro brand began in 1965 when Loris Azzaro decided to install its small fashion studio in the heart of Paris. Soon, his work met a great success. So he set up his first shop in the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré and installed his collection of ready-to-wear for women. Soon, his original creations are attracting a lot of them as to be sought by many stars. In this case, the color with three rings of wood has become a true icon of the brand Azzaro. Then, building on its success, Azzaro launched in 1975, its first fragrance. It was Azzaro Couture. This was the first of a long line with planetary hits like qu'Azzaro Men or Chrome. Quite rare: Azzaro is a brand that first imagined a fragrance for men before launching a line of ready-to-wear dedicated to the male. Indeed, the latter does was born in 1992 and was quickly appreciated for its refined and elegant style. Then, the brand continued its momentum by also creating a brand of shoes. These are manufactured in France and are recognized for their high quality. In short, they stick perfectly to the image of a contemporary dandy.

Azzaro Men, the most famous brand essence

Azzaro Men's, meanwhile, a species that deserves that we dwell a little more on it. Indeed, it is the first signed juice Azzaro brand and has become over time a true icon. According to its creator, this essence was designed "for men who love women who love men." This is a benchmark in terms of perfumery which has imposed by his charismatic smell. This is a woody aromatic fern overflowing sensuality. Its powerful scent then highlights all the virility of the man who wears it. Despite its toughness, Azzaro for men is a delicate and sophisticated essence. It is particularly chic and glue perfectly to the image that we have of the brand Azzaro. It has even become over time the trademark of this creative home. We forget even often qu'Azzaro was once a brand exclusively for the fairer sex. It must be said that women's side, the Azzaro brand has experienced a small slump in the 80s, however, the arrival of Vanessa Steward as artistic director in 2003 has given the brand its credentials.