The Brand Decléor :

DECLÉOR has been a pioneer in aromatherapy and phytotherapy for over 40 years and continues to scoop numerous accolades from the beauty industry and top magazines world-wide. With just a handful of innovative formulations including Aromessence Neroli  and Prolagene Gel, which are still in DECLÉOR’S skincare range today, it marked the start of a beauty phenomenon.

With a global reputation for excellence, as one of the most comprehensive and ecologically sound ranges, DECLÉOR skincare harnesses the potent benefits of natural ingredients such as Essential Oils to give beautiful, glowing skin everyday. DECLÉOR skincare uses only 100% natural, pure and preservative-free Essential Oils because we believe they are simply the best for skin, stimulating or relaxing, soothing or revitalising, depending on the combination used.

Today there are eight specific DECLÉOR skincare daily regimes for all skin types and concerns, each one beginning with an Aromessence aromatic cocktail of pure Essential Oils. They allow you to cleanse, tone, treat and nourish your complexion to perfection. All skin types are left radiant with Hydra Floral Multi-Protection while very dry skin and devitalised complexions benefit from the intensive nourishment of our new Intense Nutrition range. For oily and combination skin, Aroma Purete rebalances and matifies; sensitive and reactive skin is comforted by soothing Harmonie Calm which includes Aromessence Rose D’Orient. Mature skins and those concerned with ageing are regenerated with Aromessence™ Iris and the Aroma Liise, Prolagene Lift and Excellence ranges while dull complexions are brightened with Aroma White C+;  Men’s skin even has it’s own collection too. As well as skincare products, DECLÉOR treatments are available at leading spas.

Decleor environmental policy:

Naturalness, plants, essential oils are the heart of the brand, which is why we are particularly concerned about:

Respect for the environmentthe preservation of our resourcespollution preventionIn this sense, we wish today to go further in our approach, by engaging in continuous improvement of environmental management objectives that we set up since 2008.

In addition to compliance with legal requirements (and other requirements), we engage in the following ways:

Optimize the management of our wastelimit the risk of pollution in our industrial wastewaterreduce our consumption of energy and paper.

At each stage of the development of our products and their marketing materials, each of us is concerned: the design of our oils creams or lotions .., at the choice of our suppliers of raw materials, packaging, machines manufacturing process of, through the eco-gestures in everyday life. Awareness, responsibility and involvement of all employees are the key action to limit the negative impacts of our business on our environment and pursue sustainable development.