In 1921 Dana Fragrances founder Javier Serra in Barcelona, Spain had the idea to create his own fragrance House. Having worked previously as director of Myrurgia, he left there to open his own house, but first needed to build his vision and team.

Serra chose the name Dana for his business because it was short, good sounding in all languages and could be easily tied to perfume and beauty themes - according to Museu del Perfum, Dana was : "in Greek mythology the nymph that planted flowers along the Mediterranean. The Dana of ancient Egypt was the name given to women who are distinguished for their beauty. Dana in Afghanistan means sweet awakening, and is also an island in the Pacific, where youth has no sunset. Dana in the old and mysterious Basque language also means success. Furthermore, Dana means white pearls in Arabic and in Biddhism. The brand's ties to classical beauty, and international intrigue inspired the senses, and created an instant hit around the globe.